Vermont Rail Trails

Report a Trail Hazard

Assist with maintaining the Vermont State Rail Trails by reporting any hazards,
maintenance needs, or issues with trail etiquette observed during your outing.

By safe when submitting a report while on the trail. Make sure you are stopped and
aware of others while using your mobile device.

For emergencies, dial 9-1-1

    What would you like to report?

    Location of concern:

    You may use the "find my location" button to send us your location. Alternatively, provide a landmark in the
    "landmark" field (i.e. a mile marker, road crossing, etc) that will better help locate the issue.

    Hazard/Maintenance Need

    Trail Etiquette Issue

    Provide photographs of the issue (optional)

    Provide any details of the issue

    What is the level of severity of this issue?

    Would you like to be contacted?
    If you would like to be contacted regarding your report, choose "Yes" and fill out your contact information below. Rail
    Trail Program staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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