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Vermont Rail Trails Council

The development of the Statewide Vermont Rail Trails Council and the trail specific Councils was a recommendation from the 2022 LVRT Management Plan. The Vermont Rail Trails Council is intended to support the implementation of the Management Plan in a collaborative and consistent way that provides an opportunity for representatives of towns along each of the four state-owned and maintained rail trails, special interest groups, economic development organizations, and other stakeholders to have a voice in the management of the trails and to support local efforts to promote the trail and improve visitor experience. The primary functions of the trail-specific councils are to support engagement with trail communities, coordinate volunteers and local initiatives, assist in trail promotion and outreach, support project development and implementation, encourage educational programming, and provide eyes and ears on the trail through its membership.

Rail Trail Councils and Regional Committees Guidance

State Rail Trails Council flowchart. State Rail Trails Council (1), AOT Rail Trail Program Staff (2), LVRT Council (3), MVRT Council (4), DHRT Council (5), BSRT Council (6), LVRT - West Committee (3.1), LVRT - Central Committee (3.2), LVRT - East Committee (3.3). Diagram.

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