Vermont Rail Trails


How to Use The Rail Trails

Vermont state-owned rail trails are a public resource. Keeping each other safe is everyone’s responsibility. Trail users should respect all landowners and private property along the trail. Respect for the adjacent landowners includes accessing the trail only from these designated access points and not along private driveways, farm crossings, or other trail crossings that do not otherwise connect to public facilities. Camping on the trail right of way or at trailheads is prohibited. Interested in overnight parking for a longer trip? Contact the Rail Trails Program Manager.


Quick information on rail trails

The trail has a 10-foot-wide firm compacted crushed stone surface with 2-foot grass shoulders and wheelchair-accessible grades. The trail is open year-round to non-motorized uses.

In the warmer months, the trail can be utilized for walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. Local snowmobile and trail clubs maintain and groom the trails through winter, allowing for snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, fat tire biking, snowmobiling, and dog sledding.

Vermont Rail Trails*** April 11, 2023